Digital story for ED554 made using Adobe Voice

Adobe voice is a free app that is easy to use. I completed the project on my iPad and was able to do the recordings in one session.

I Googled Adobe Voice YouTube videos to learn how to use the app. I used a video made by high school students at a private school. After watching the video I felt that I could do the project without any other assistance.

I did initially ask the tech guru at my school for his recommendations on what app I should use and he suggested Storehouse, but I wasn’t able to use my Facebook pictures. Adobe Voice lets you do this in a few clicks.

I wanted more pictures from the Ivy League Tour than the ones I had, and our tech guy sourced them from the yearbook files and helped me load them on to my iPad. These were the pictures of all the seniors and me taken by the other chaperone, our director of international students. That gave me enough images to tell my story.


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